An End-Of-The-Semester Flurry

You may have noticed that posts on The Sieve have been a tad sparse lately. That’s mostly because we’ve been immersed in our thesis projects, which we finally wrapped up recently.

Students in the Johns Hopkins science writing program dedicate much of their second semester to this 40-page thesis. In journalism terms, it can be thought of as a very long feature or a series. We do a lot of research and interview tons of people and try to cobble together a long narrative.

The thesis has a sort of all-consuming quality. It’s a rare opportunity to deeply engage a scientific topic that fascinates us, and we live and breathe our projects for most of the spring semester. Our thesis topics this semester include: the hairy nature of hydrology in California, the relationship between chiropractors and mainstream medicine, the plebians of the rocket science field, bacteria that make a squid glow, and the cutting-edge science of regrowing body parts.

You’ll probably hear a little more about these projects in the coming weeks. For now, here’s a quick run-down of what we featured on the blogĀ this past April:


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