May and June Have Come and Gone

A horseshoe crab, courtesy Wikimedia Commons

So we’ve been posting again at a pretty steady pace! If you missed it, here’s what we wrote about the last two months. Apparently, we’ve been in the mood for wildlife.

– Jay’s nature photos, let him show you them!

– What’s thinking outside of the box compared to thinking outside of your scale?

– Parrots like their food rancid and nasty. (Emily’s post incidentally caught a rather radical wave on Facebook!)

Everything awesome you ever needed to know about those alien-looking Horseshoe Crabs.

– A colorful fireworks show courtesy of fireflies.

– Why a sustainable economy isn’t automatically a sustainable ecology.

– What massive patience it takes to hunt for meteorites in the scalding sun.


2 Comments on “May and June Have Come and Gone”

  1. That crab is such a weird looking creature! Love your site!

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