Ready, Set, Tell Me A (Science) Story

The friendly takeover is complete!  We’re all excited to start gold digging for stories in the world of science, and share what we sift out with you. And we would like to introduce ourselves, those doing the taking-over, before we plunge in as new bloggers.  We’re an eclectic bunch, but we’re all interested in translating science into compelling stories.

Alex Kasprak comes to us from Brown University, where he recently earned a M.S. in geological sciences. There, he studied marine, environmental, and ecologic change during one of the largest biotic catastrophes known to the fossil record – the end-Triassic mass extinction. His favorite geologic age is the Hettangian, his favorite animal is the mouse lemur, and his favorite element is sulfur.

Jean Mendoza graduated from Brown University with a degree in English and biology, passions which she combined into science writing at Johns Hopkins. Her interests span from the intersection of science and superstition to medicine and astrophysics. She draws inspiration from Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Joan Didion, Jenny Boully, and Annie Dillard.

Gabe Popkin has come most recently from Madison, WI, and before that from the Washington, DC area, where he worked full-time for the American Physical Society for several years.  Gabe has a physics degree from Wesleyan University, and over five years of professional science writing, editing, and communication experience. He loves writing about physics, ecology, and everything in between–with a particular interest in the interactions between humans, our environment, and the rest of life on earth.

Kelsey Calhoun spent last year as a neuroscientist playing with rats, and is here to play with words because rats really can’t keep a discussion going when it comes to the physics of harpsichords, or the chemistry of chemotherapy.  She’s interested in almost every field of science, but particularly neuroscience, genetics, ecology, and anything interdisciplinary.  When not writing, she enjoys making music, biking, and watching live tropical fish cams.

If you have a comment, idea, suggestion, or question after reading what we write, please comment (we love discussing these cool stories).  We’re on twitter too, @the_sieve.  If you like what you read, share it!  We hope you enjoy our stories, wonderings, and explorations.


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