Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Marketing – What can it do?

After many decades of Artificial Intelligence (AI) being just a sci-fi imagination, in our millennial age, it has become a technological reality that is having quite a significant impact in virtually every industry. One of the beneficiaries of AI is business people.

According to a study conducted by the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), over 72% of the marketers and business persons consider AI as one of the competitive advantages. But what is this digital wave that has taken the digital marketing industry by storm?

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

In simple terms, AI in marketing refers to the use of your target customer’s online or offline data and integrates it with some computational concepts to predict the behavior of your customers in the future. 

Every established organization or business is currently taking advantage of this technology to lay down strategies on reaching the right customers, using the right medium, with the correct information within the right time. 

With AI, the businesses can get it right from the onset and avoid having redundant stock in their warehouses. When it comes to digital marketing, AI is playing such a significant role in reaching the target customers. But how is AI affecting the typical marketing we have nowadays? 

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Future of Marketing?

To deliver the expected results, every organization, company, or industry must have an understanding of how they can leverage their Artificial Intelligence marketing else; this technology will not yield profitably. 

Besides, as a marketer, you should not rug behind on the transformative power of AI. Here are some ways AI is changing the future of marketing:

1. Helping You Optimize your Content

Content has always been a pillar for any successful campaign that is run by the marketers. Artificial Intelligence enables marketers to track the behavior of their target customers. This is where the marketer gains an understanding of the transactional patterns, the browsing histories, frequently used channels and devices of their target customers. 

With such rich information in their hands, the marketing department in an organization comes up with the right content that suits the desires and taste of their target customers. In business, customers are the kings, and if you can capture their preferences and likes, then your business is doomed to succeed. 

2. Optimizing your Time

Now that you have known the kind of content that your customer needs, you have to send it at the right time for it to be effective. Artificial Intelligence is there to help you know the right time. 

From the historical browsing of your targeted niche, AI can predict when they login to their emails or browse. With this information, you can determine when to send your personalized-optimized content to your customers. But will AI change the future of marketing?

3. Reducing Marketing Operational Costs and On-time Conversations

Sometimes, a company may decide to use AI to reduce the costs of having staff. This is where there is an introduction of Chatbots. According to statistics, over 80% of the brands across the globe will be using Chatbots by 2020. 

AI controls Chatbots and enables it to answer standardized questions. These virtual agents answer based on the historical information of the customer and sometimes redirect you to relevant links. 

Additionally, AI has enabled the integration of Natural Language Processing algorithms, which have enhanced the customer experience. The beauty with these virtual agents is that they are available 24/7. 

4. Optimizing your Digital Advertising

With AI integrated into your business, marketers can have an in-depth analysis of consumer behavior and direct their advertising efforts in that direction. For more effective ads, AI can get the keyword searches and the most visited sites, among other online data for better campaigns. 

5. Delivering Personalized Website Experience

Your website should be straightforward for any visitor to navigate through. Artificial Intelligent is helping marketers improve their web experiences by giving them the information that is related to their consumers. 

AI analyses the demographics, browsers used, and locations that enable a marketer to come up with the right content on their website. 


Artificial Intelligence is rapidly transforming the marketing industry enabling the marketers to look for opportunities that eventually lead to higher Return on Investment. This could be the sole reason why your competitors are doing better than you and having higher returns. Nevertheless, it is not too late for you; it is time to integrate AI into your marketing strategies.