Car tweeters

Do you really need Car Tweeters in your Audio System?

There is something about having clean music in your car that will give you a thumb up from any person who enters your car. One of the excellent ways of making the audio system of your car outstanding is installing tweeters. 

In a digital era like ours, car tweeters come in diverse variations, shapes, and styles that of course, give varying sound quality. Balancing the car audio system can be challenging because of the many other products used with the tweeter. But that aside, what are these car tweeters?

What are Car Tweeters?

Tweeters are typically speakers that reproduce the sound in higher frequencies. Tweeters are manufactured in such a way that they operate between 3kHz to 20kHz. However, the sensitivity of a human ear can pick sound ranging from 20Hz to 20kHz. Just like horn instruments like trumpets and guitars are set for high frequencies, so is a car tweeter speaker.

As opposed to their physical appearance, many tend to think that because they are small, they are made from fragile materials. On the contrary, they are made from very tough materials to sustain those high-frequency sounds. 

Car tweeters are either made from synthetic materials, textiles, aluminum or titanium, and most of them contain crossovers, waveguides, and even magnetic cooling. There are three basic designs of tweeters: cone, dome, and semi-dome design. 

Although cone-shaped tweeters are the most popular, they are not so powerful compared to dome and semi-dome tweeters. But how do these tweeters affect the sound system and the general sound of your car?

How do Tweeters Affect the Sound of Your Car?

High-quality tweeters are fitted with waveguides that improve the sound of your car by making them more audible than the normal woof sound. Besides, these guides are great in directing the sound to where your sitting position.

Assuming that all you hear from your vehicle is the woof sound from the woofers. Of course, it will never be appealing to the ear of anyone in that vehicle. Music is generally produced using different voices and set of instruments.

It is the work of the treble speakers or the tweeters to separate between high-frequency sounds and low-frequency sound. Treble sounds go to tweeter speakers and the woof sound go to the bass speakers. This strikes a balance in every music you are playing in your car.

Besides, having balanced music, tweeters give clarity in the sound of your car. That means you can hear every voice or word clearly without struggle no matter the noise around your car. But how do you choose the right tweeter size for your car?

How to Choose the Right Tweeter Size for Your Car

1. Determine the size of the speakers you already have

One rule to having good music in your car is matching tweeters with the car speakers. The primary speakers that came with your car should be compatible with tweeters you are planning to buy. Larger speakers will require larger sized-tweeters that are either done or cone-shaped. 

2. Determine the type of speakers in your car

Most of the cars come with coaxial speakers meaning that they have 2 or 3 drivers in them that produce both the woof and the tweet sounds from the same speaker. Other speakers are components, meaning that they have different speakers for bass and high-frequency sounds. 

If your car has coaxial speakers installed then you may not need large-sized treble speakers. However, for component speakers, you will need large tweeters to match the bass speaker. 

3. Reach out to the manufacturer

As far as this may seem like a tiny thing, your car’s sound system matters. To get the right tweeters, you should consult with your car manufacturer. They should help you determine the power capacity of your car and the right tweeter specifications of your car. 

4. Know the wattage of the speaker

If you are aware of the wattage of the installed speakers in your car, your mechanic or speaker dealers can advise you on the perfect match for your car. Besides, there are calculators over the internet that can help you calculate the size of the tweeter and its wattage based on the watts of the bass speakers. 

5. Determine your amplifier watts

The quality of your sound will be determined by the power of your car’s amplifier. By knowing the watts of your woofs and amplifier, you can determine the matching size and number of tweeters you should have in your car. 


So do you need tweeters in your car? Yes, there is that satisfaction that comes when you are listening to clear and detailed music. You will appreciate the audio system of your car when you can hear all the instruments being played, claps, and lyrics of the singer. Why not say goodbye to that dull and fuzzy sound by installing tweeters in your car? It is guaranteed that you will make the music in your car livelier.


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